Thursday, February 23, 2023

12pm - 2pm (ET)
6:30pm - 8:30pm (ET)

Learning Differences
Virtual College Fair

Registration for Students, Family Members, and School Counselors will open on Wednesday, February 8th!

Preview the virtual fair on Wednesday, February 8th!

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Why a Learning Differences Fair?

You have questions.

  • What are my post-secondary options? 
  • What are the differences between high school and college?  
  • How do I receive my accommodations in college?  
  • Which colleges are best for me?

We will help you find the answers.

  • This fair is specifically for students with learning differences.
  • Understand options and services that are available to you in college.
  • Educational sessions will help you learn from experts how to make the most of the college experience.
  • Visit college booths and chat live with admissions representatives.
  • Get helpful information about navigating a virtual fair here.

Participating Colleges & Universities

LIVE Educational Sessions

Please check back for session details.

Why Register?

Students & Family Members

  • Learn more about what to expect in college and find some colleges that fit your needs
  • Get access to virtual college booths loaded with resources, virtual educational sessions, and live representatives
  • Have an ADA & WCAG compliant experience from the comfort of home
  • College Matchmaking™ provides you with a shortlist of participating colleges & universities that match what YOU are looking for in a school

School Counselors

  • Robust counselor reporting dashboard
    • Track student registration and attendance
    • Bulk-register your junior & senior classes with Express Registration
    • See what virtual booths your students visited
    • College Matchmaking™ allows you to see which colleges & universities are a match for each of your students
  • Chat live with college reps
  • ADA & WCAG compliant websites

Colleges & Universities

  • Increase enrollment by supporting students with learning differences and educating them on your campus services
  • Follow up with students quickly, leads are delivered to your secure lead portal in real-time
  • Chat live with students, family members, and counselors
  • College Matchmaking™ provides you with matched leads that show on which attributes you matched with each student
  • ADA & WCAG compliant virtual booth