Full Name
Alexander Morris-Wood
Job Title
Director for Transition and Outreach Services
Institution Name
Beacon College, Florida
Speaker Bio
Alexander (Alex) Morris-Wood is the Dean of Admissions, Transition Programs, & Strategic Outreach at Beacon College. Alexander helped create Beacon College’s Transition Center which focuses on innovative programming for young adults with learning disabilities. There, he designed Navigator PREP, the country’s first virtual transition-to-college program for students and parents in an effort to proactively address the executive functioning, social, and emotional regulation deficits that impede on college success. Since his arrival, Alex also created Beacon Foundations, a live, virtual online semester program for students who learn differently. This program aims to develop students’ executive functioning, reading comprehension, and written expression skills prior to entering an on-campus program. Since the launch of these programs in 2018, Alex, and his team, have worked with nearly 1,000 students with learning difficulties as they proactively prepare for life after high school. Alex has designed training programs for other colleges and programs and designed curricula for high schools to support post-secondary preparation for students and parents both for private institutions and larger school districts in Florida.

Alexander has presented nationally and internationally on topics including systemic barriers in higher education for students with learning disabilities, family systems theory, and strategies to improve transitional outcomes for at-risk students. Recently, Alexander was identified as one of the Top 100 Educational Leaders in America by the Global Forum for Education and Learning. Alexander has a master’s degree in mental health counseling where he focused on adjustment disorders for students with learning differences entering college environments.
Alexander Morris-Wood