About College Matchmaking™

College Matchmaking™ is all about connecting you with your best fit college or university!


During registration, you’ll be asked to choose from various college attributes you find attractive.  These five attributes are:

  1. Geographic Region  (varied)
  2. Campus Size  (small, medium, large)
  3. Campus Setting  (urban, suburban, rural)
  4. Institution Type  (2-year, 4-year, private, public, etc.)
  5. Majors Offered  (a large list of categories)

During registration, colleges also select which attributes apply to their institution.


Students and colleges will be “matched” if 4/5 or 5/5 of their selected attributes match.



How will I know which schools were my “best matches”?

Students will receive an email with a list of matches before the event, uncovering new opportunities they may not have realized were a good match.  This helps to streamline the fair for students, guiding them around the fair with purpose.  The email also contains helpful questions to ask reps during the fair.



May I Opt-Out if I prefer not to share this data?

Yes.  If you would prefer not to take advantage of the College Matchmaking™ service, you can opt-out.  You can find more information here.

Are you a fair planner?

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