About Us

GoToCollegeFairs has always actively looked for ways we can support access and inclusion programming.  This college fair is an extension of our missional goal to help students and colleges find a fit, because we know that a college education can be life-changing.

This fair’s program focuses on opportunities for students with a history of IEPs, 504 plans, or therapeutic supports and accommodations. Each year, about 20 percent of graduating high school students fall into this category.  It will also aid students who do not have formal accommodations, because learning differences can come in many forms.

The fair will provide attendees with information that can assist them in postsecondary transition planning. We will host a safe and engaging forum for students with learning differences and their families so they can explore the many available college options and learn from experts on how to make the most of the college experience.

GoToCollegeFairs is invested in equity and opportunity for all students.  The Learning Differences College Fair is free to attendees.

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